04 February 2015 | 7pm

Constructing Virtual Archives. The GI Press Project: history, lessons learned, and their application to other projects

Presentation and discussion with Dr. James Lewes, visiting researcher at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, NL

Moderated by: Anita Mage, Historian & Philosopher (in English language)


Over the last five years James Lewes has built the largest digital collection of materials produced by and in support of American servicemen who chose to stand up and oppose the American military?s involvement in the Vietnam War.
While some of the behaviors exhibited by these servicemen were not unique to the Vietnam War, but have been found in most the wars in the twentieth century, the fact their actions were publicized in hundreds of self-published newspapers was unique. It is these that James Lewes has collected and digitized.

The talk will address three separate but related issues:

1. How to identify and track down materials using the abundance of library catalogs that are available online 

2. How individuals or groups outside of institutional frameworks can raise adequate funding for such projects.  

3. How to network with the holding institutions for research access and collaborative publication of results.   


|| James Lewes studied commmunications and cultural studies at the New School for Social Research (BA 1988), University of Pennsylvania (MA 1990),  University of Iowa (PhD., 2000). Dissertation on the GI Underground Press: Protest and Survive: GI Newspapers during the Vietnam War (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2003). Senior Researcher on the documentary film Sir! No Sir (2005, Director: David Zeiger) and Web designer for Displaced Films (2004-2009). Founded the GI Press Project in 2009 to digitize, preserve, and make accessible GI underground newspapers. October 2013-December 2014 visiting researcher at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, NL


|| LOCATION: Apartment Project | Hertzbergstrasse 13 Berlin | 12055 Berlin S-Ring Sonnenalle Bus M41/Hertzbergplatz ||  U-Herrmannplatz Bus M41/Hertzbergplatz

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